Most Affordable Designer Handbags For Millennials

If you are obsessed with designer handbags but do not want to spend thousands of dollars on it — then this post is right for you. As millennials, we love to spend money but because there are many things we like to do, we need to be smart in what we spend it on. I personally love designer handbags but I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on it just yet. Maybe one day, but not now. If you’re just like me then let’s break it down the most affordable designer handbags that cost less than a thousand dollar!


Coach is the most luxury bags among the list of affordable designer bags. The brand is well-known worldwide and most people would recognize the Coach logo. The brand itself ranked 5th on the highest brand recall (coachinc) together with Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. Despite this, the price of Coach is relatively low if you compared it with other top-ranked luxury bags. Most coach handbags cost around $100 — $500, with some still over $1000. But there are lots of great designs with great quality that cost under $500. Honestly, Coach is definitely worth the price and if you want to get a good quality of handbags for under $1000, you should check it out!

#Kate Spade

The second on the list is Kate Spade. Kate Spade is well known as a designer bag based in New York. The price of Kate Spade range between $100 — $1000, with approx price fall between $400 — $800. In my opinion, Kate Spade is quite similar to Coach but slightly different. I would say the difference mainly is in their design. Kate Spade design is a little bit more simple but more colorful. But again if you’d like an affordable designer handbag, you should check Kate Spade out as well!

#Michael Kors

Last but not least is Michael Kors. Michael Kors is another designer handbag that the average price does not fall over three thousand dollars. The price range for this brand is between $100 — $3000. You still can find some that cost beyond $3000, but most of the handbags cost less than $3000. The average price fall between $200 — $800 with lots of lovely designs of handbags cost less than $300. Michael Kors design is classic and original (similar with coach but with different vibes). If you’re into basic color (white, black, brown) — you should definitely check this brand out!

#Others …

There are others affordable designer handbags that I would recommend, — (such as Ted Baker, Longchamp, etc) but for now — these are my top 3 most affordable designer handbags you should check it out. Because honestly, the price of these 3 brands is worth the quality and design you’ll get from them!

Handbags speak louder than words!

– GIGI –

4 Mental Habits of Solo Traveler

We all love traveling don’t we? But only a few of us actually travel, and only even smaller percentage of us can be called ‘traveler’. From this, only a very small percentage travel alone, and therefore called ‘solo traveler’. Solo traveler is a term that people use to describe someone who often travels or constantly on the move by him/herself.

Being a solo traveler come with ups and downs. For many people it seems like a terrifying idea, but for some, it appears to be an exciting thing to do! Traveling alone can open your mind to many different things, give you tons of experiences, and will shape your way of thinking, including your mental habits. On this post I am writing about four mental habits of solo traveler. If you’re a solo traveler, I’m sure at least one of these will resonate with you!

#1 Open to Change

As solo traveler, it’s just in their nature to be open to change. Moving from one country to another requires lots of flexibility, which eventually creates one mindset to be open to change. This change also comes from the fact as being ‘solo’, we are not tie down to commitments, which in the end, give us more flexibility and absolute influence in our decision making.

#2 10% depends on others, 90% depends on its own

Solo traveler is very independent, and again, it’s just in their nature. Many people are independent but the level of independent that solo traveler has is on another level. Despite of being independent, we are conscious that we still need to depend on others (let it be human beings or animals, or other things in general). But this percentage is very low, as I have said before, solo traveler has absolute influence in their decision making, meaning that most of the time (if not always the case), they only depend on themselves.

#3 Resilience

Another mental habit of solo traveler is resilience. By having absolute influence comes a price within. Being able to have total control over our time and decision is great, but the consequences of this is that when things go wrong, we are alone in facing it. Even though we can ask others for help, but most of it would be us on our own. With this, resilience comes into play. Solo traveler is though. and when things go wrong, they don’t give up easily. They fight for it until they find their way, because giving up is not an option.

#4 Aware of its surroundings

Last but not least is aware of its surroundings. Traveling alone means that we are responsible for our own safety. With this, solo traveler is always aware of its surroundings. Be it a place to stay, or a study space, or connecting to WI-FI, or visiting tourist spots. Solo traveler is always aware of its surroundings to ensure that bad things do not happen on their journey. This is because they know that they are responsible to their own self.

‘If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet’

25 Lists of Books that will make you say, DAMN, I Love My Life!

If you click this post and choose to read it, you either desperate to love your life, or you already love your life but wants to love it even more. Either way, you want to love your life. I have always loved my life, but at some point in life, I was confused and did not have directions. My confusion lead to frustration which later lead to isolation. It was not until I read self-help books that my life started to change in the positive way.

Everything is in your mind, so when you have positive mindset, life is easier to get through. The first book that makes me say ‘Damn, I Love My Life!’, was ‘Light is the New Black’, then followed by ‘You are A Badass’, ‘Sacred Power’, ‘Big Magic’, ‘The Four Agreement’, and many more! I made some other posts summarizing the books, but on this posts I am going to share with you the 25 lists of books that will make you say, you love your life!

#1 Light is The New Black — by Rebecca Campbell

#2 The Four Agreement — by Don Miguel Ruiz

#3 You are A Badass — by Jen Sincero

#4 You do You — by Sarah Knight

#5 The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*uck — by Sarah Knight

#6 Get Your Sh*t Together — by Sarah Knight

#7 Calm the F**ck Down — by Sarah Knight

#8 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — by Mark Manson

#9 You are A Badass at Making Money — by Jen Sincero

#10 Big Magic — by Elizabeth Gilbert

#11 The Power of Now — by Eckhart Tolle

#12 Sacred Power: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation — by DadvidJi

#13 Oneness with All Life — by Eckhart Tolle

#14 A New Earth — by Eckhart Tolle

#15 Stillness Speak — by Eckhart Tolle

#16 Girl Boss — by Sophia Amoruso

#17 The Anxiety Solution — by Chloe Brotheridge

#18 F**k It: Do What You Love — by John Parkin

#19 The Happiness Code — by Domonique Bertolucci

#20 Good Vibes, Good Life — by Vex King

#21 Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life — by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia

#22 Happy: Finding Joy in Every Day and Letting Go of Perfect — by Fearne Cotton

#23 The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up — by Marie Kondo

#24 Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope — by Mark Manson

#25 Calm — by Michael Smith

“be in love with your life, every minute of it”

5 Must Have Phone Cases From IDEALOFSWEDEN (Brand Partnership)

Have you ever heard of iDealofSweden?

iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish designed fashion cases, phone wallets and accessories.

All of their products are also compatible with each other. We call this the “iDeal Concept” which means that you can mix and match fashion cases & mobile wallets, depending on the mood to any situation or occasion (iDealofSweden, 2017).

Their designs are very stylish, making them very famous among the millennials generation! HERE I list must have phone cases from iDealofSweden!

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29.99 GBP

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  • Swedish design, always on trend
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Compatible with: iPhone 11

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44.99 GBP

  • Gold-tone hardware detailing around the camera
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Compatible with our Magnetic Card Holders & Clutches
Compatible with: iPhone XRiPhone 11

SKU: IDACSS20-I1961-213



29.99 GBP

  • Printed design made from strong but flexible plastic.
  • Microfiber lining to prevent scratches.
  • Gold-tone embossed logo.
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  • Accessories of Attraction: This design is part of our magnetically compatible product range.
  • and is compatible with our Wallets, Clutches Magnetic Card Holders and Mount designs.

Compatible with our wireless QI-Chargers.
Compatible with: iPhone XRiPhone 11

SKU: IDFCAW20-1961-232



29.99 GBP

  • Made from strong but flexible plastic
  • Microfiber lining to prevent scratches
  • Compatible with IDEAL OF SWEDEN QI charger
  • Part of Accessories of Attraction and magnetically
  • Compatible with our wallets and mounts
  • Swedish design, always on trend
  • Gold details to add a luxurious feel
  • Perfectly fits your phone to provide protection and a great look

Compatible with: iPhone XR/iPhone 11
SKU: IDFCSS20-I1961-191


This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that I may get paid a commission if you purchase something from iDealofSweden using my discount code, at no additional cost to you

Most Underrated Places to Travel in Asia

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

– Helen Keller –

Image Source Culture Trip

Many people love to travel to Asia because of the culture, the food, the nice beaches, the lovely weather, and most importantly, the cost. Traveling in Asia is tend to be cheap in comparison with other parts of the world — and with the low cost, people get satisfaction from the food, the weather, and many more. No surprise that in the past few years, Asia has been the main destination for many people to travel, especially for millennials. Places like Phuket, Bali, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, — and many more — has become the main destination to travel to Asia. As of this, prices in these places have raised and become very mainstream. But did you know that there are many other beautiful places in Asia that worth visiting with even lower cost? In this post, I’m going to share the most underrated places to travel in Asia!

Sri Lanka

The most underrated places to travel in Asia — in my opinion — is Sri Lanka! This country is very beautiful and the people are genuinely nice. If you don’t know where Sri Lanka is, it’s an island located in the Indian Ocean. As you can imagine, the beaches are very nice — and clean! Because there are not that many tourists, yet, the beaches are very clean, so you can actually enjoy a proper beach. The weather is lovely, and the food is nice. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka is on the top of the list. If you like nature, then you should definitely visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is good for people that want to get away from the city life for a while. The natural landscape in Sri Lanka is very refreshing. The best part is, it’s very cheap to travel to Sri Lanka. You’re most likely spend less than $40 a day.

Image Source


Another underestimated places to travel in Asia is Cambodia. Cambodia is a country in South East Asia, to be precise, it’s located next to Thailand. Again, the beaches in Cambodia is very clean. If you like History, you should visit Cambodia, because this country is rich in history. There are many beautiful temples in Cambodia, that surely worth visiting! Angkor Wat (one of the temples in Cambodia) is protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, the living cost in Cambodia is very cheap. Accommodation could cost as cheap as $4, and if you like a luxury lifestyle, you can get a luxury apartment for around $30! It’s very cheap compared to other South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. So I would recommend visiting Cambodia because honestly, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Image Source Viator


Myanmar is another country located in South East Asia. Just like Cambodia, Myanmar is located next to Thailand, but on the north side of Thailand. If you like learning and experiencing a new culture, you should go to Myanmar. The culture is authentic and original, it has not been contaminated by other culture (if you know what I mean). Moreover, the country has lots of delicious street food, stunning beaches and remarkable pagodas. If you’re a digital nomad, there are some nice working spaces that included WiFi. The budget to travel Myanmar is around $60 a day, so honestly, it is worth visiting!

Image Source Pinterest

Most Popular Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the same time

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”

Image Source Pinterest

One thing that millennials love the most is to travel the world. There is no secret that our generation has travelled more than any previous generation. Despite this, not many people have got the opportunity to travel to more than 10 countries. Why is that? Lots of things come in the way, often it’s either — no money or no time. But what if I tell you there are ways to earn money while traveling! With this, you won’t waste your time and surely don’t have to worry about money. This post will give you ideas on how to travel and earn money at the same time as millennials!


There are lots of opportunities out there to be a freelancer — way more than what you expected. You can be a freelancer in literally anything (providing that you have the right skills — but don’t worry, these skills are something that you can learn yourself in a short time and at low cost!). The only thing you need to do is to set up an account at freelancing platform. Most popular platform to freelance is Fiverr, Up Work, and PeoplePerHour. Once you set up an account, you just have to decide what do you want to freelance at. You can freelance at literally anything — such as become a ghostwriter, blog writer, social media manager, web developer, translator, — and many others! If your native language is English, this would be a massive advantage, as there are many people looking for native English speaker to — either teach English or proof-read! There are lots of opportunity in the freelancing world, you just need to take the right step to become a freelancer. Once you become a freelancer, you can travel while earning money at the same time. How awesome is that!

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa is probably the most underestimated way to travel and earn money at the same time. Many people don’t really know this exists (and that’s such as shame because this is a very good opportunity for millennials to travel and work at the same time!). The requirements and process to apply for the visa depend on your citizenship and which country you would like to apply for the visa. But most requirements and process is similar. You just need to be between 18–35 years (each country have different rules so this is just the approximate age required) and have enough savings in your account (this is not a lot, will only be around $2,000 dollars — they just want to make sure that you have savings in case of emergency). Once you applied for the visa, you can live and work in the country you apply to for a year, or sometimes even 3 years! You can apply for any type of work in the country you’re applying to. This is such a good opportunity especially for young millennials — to travel, work, and experience living in another country (at low cost) for a couple of years before deciding to settle in. You should definitely try this, there are lots of information out there about different countries specific requirements — you just need to google ‘Working Holiday Visa … (type which country you would like to move)’. I’m telling you, this is something you don’t want to miss!

Content Creator

Another way to earn money while traveling is to become a content creator. Nowadays, you can be a content creator in many platforms. The most popular platforms are YouTube, Blog, and Instagram. Probably there is no secret that people can earn money from YouTube, but did you know that people can also earn money from Blog and Instagram? The answer is yes! and this might surprised you that some people earn more money from Blog than YouTube. Just like YouTube, it takes hard work to set everything at the beginning, but once everything is set and you have attracted enough audience, you can earn money from advertising — and this could be lots of money to the point that you no longer need your 9–5 job! It takes hard work in the beginning but once you have attracted enough audience, it all pays off. The best thing about this is that you can do it while traveling, as you don’t have to be in a specific place at a specific time!

Another platform to earn money is on Instagram (and maybe soon TikTok!) — creating content on Instagram or other social media is slightly easier than Blog or Youtube, but if you have lots of followers, views, and likes, you can get brand deals/collaboration — and often they pay around $1,000 dollars (providing you have enough followers). Becoming a content creator takes passion to do it because if you’re not passionate about it, your audience can tell — and in general, if you don’t enjoy it, it’s not worth it. But if you enjoy creating content, you should definitely give this a try. Imagine traveling the world, doing what you love, and earning money at the same time. That’s pretty much most millennials dream in this century!

Most Effective Ways to Get 1 Million Views on TikTok

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Image source Wallpaper Cave

Since lockdown began, TikTok suddenly became very famous. Despite being existed since a couple of years prior to 2020, the app just started to thrive this year. Many people that just download the app out of curiosity, started to get addicted to watching all the memes videos on TikTok. Once people are addicted to watching it, it’s natural for them to start posting videos — just for fun. Then, from starting to posting random videos — some started to wonder, ‘how do I get more views from this?’ In this post I’m going to share ‘Most Popular Ways to Get 1 Million Views on TikTok’ based on my experience — (IKR I have overall 1 Million Views on TikTok (in less than 100 posts)! I could not even believe it at first!)

Create ‘Relatable’ Content

One thing I learn the most from some of my viral videos on TikTok is that people like it if the video is relatable to their life. It’s just human nature to want to be involved with something relatable to them. Relatable content could be many things. For example, one of my most viral videos was when I made a video about how terrible the weather in the UK is. This video went viral because many people relate to this. Many people understand the frustration of living in a place where the weather is just constantly terrible — hence because of this, my video went viral because many likes the video. So if you want your video to be viral, the first thing you need to bear in mind is to create ‘relatable’ content.

Use ‘Viral’ Songs on TikTok

The second most important thing is to use viral songs on TikTok. There are so many good songs out there that sometimes we want to use to create a video — this, of course, is absolutely fine, but it would be harder for the video to go viral. This is because TikTok algorithm is more likely to put viral songs on people FYP. Now if you don’t know what FYP is, FYP is basically For You Page, it’s the page that appears on people TikTok timeline. FYP is very important because that’s where 90% of my views came from. My viewers don’t know me, or don’t even care about who I was, what they care about is the video that I create. So if they haven’t followed me, the only way they will find my video is from FYP — and this only can happen, if TikTok, for whatever reason, decided that my video should be placed in their FYP. This is why I said that using viral songs is important because it’s one of the most important ways to get into people FYP.

Create ‘Debatable’ Content

Another one I would recommend is to create a debatable content. ‘But what do you mean by debatable?’ — What I mean by this is create anything that people would love to argue, and therefore, they will comment on your videos. The more people comment on your videos, the more likely (I guarantee you this) your video will go viral. For example, I created a video about racism in the UK (as a joke though), but the video went viral because so many — and I mean literally many people — commented on the video. Some people say horrible things of course but many others say positive things, and many also — as I mentioned before — feel related to the video. Another example would be, I created a video about why living in the UK is better than the US (again, as a joke though), but people just started to comment lots of things (that to me does not even make sense). The thing is, I didn’t expect my videos to went viral. But when more videos started to get viral, I realised that people love to comment on something they either — disagree of — or relatable to them.

Be Yourself!

You might underestimate this part but honestly, this is very important. You need to be yourself and not care about whether people will like your videos or not. You need to not focus on ‘how to get views’, but focus on ‘creating great content that brings you fulfilment’. This is important because if you don’t enjoy creating content, or not being yourself when you create any of the content — your viewers and your followers can tell. This is not Instagram, there is no filter on TikTok (okay there is but you know what I mean). People on TikTok are real, it’s video-based, not picture-based. That’s why your viewers can tell if you’re just making TikTok to get views. So, be yourself, create content that you actually want to create, don’t think about the views — because if you enjoy what you’re doing (and having fun of course), your TikTok will grow organically, — and that’s my friend, is the best part of being a content creator on TikTok.

Abortion: A Matter of Choice

“People choices in the matter of ‘abortion’ should not be limited by a piece of legislation”

Image source Pixabay

The debate whether or not ‘abortion’ should be legal has been in constant dispute since decades ago. Most right-wing people will argue that ‘abortion’ should be illegal — while most left-wing will argue that it should be legal. If you talk about the liberals, it always depends on whether the person is central to right or central to left. But the debate does not only come from political ideology, it also roots in religious beliefs — that so often is related to their political ideology.

The thing about abortion is that it should be a matter of choice.Whether or not it is right or wrong — that is a different argument. One could argue that abortion is wrong because some believe that a fetus is considered a human being, and therefore entitled to basic declaration of human rights — which is the right to live. While one argue that abortion is not wrong because it is the person right to do whatever they want to their bodies, or because the circumstances might threaten their life or well being. There are always two sides of a coin — meaning that if you want to, you can understand both side of the stories and where they are coming from. Maybe — just maybe — there is no right or wrong in the matter of abortion.

Whether or not it should be legal — well, if abortion is a matter of choice, then it should be legal. Why? Because it is a matter of choice. If abortion is illegal, how can it be a matter of choice? The person will be forced to make a decision that they do not want to take, — and this is very dangerous. When you forced someone to do something they do not want to, it never ends well. Not to mention, confusion and desperation, that often comes together with ‘abortion’. When someone is confused, desperate, and pressured, — adding ‘forced’ is not going to make the situation any better.

Some would argue, if you are not ready to be pregnant then do not undertake action that might cause one. This argument is ignorant because it is ignoring the fact that it takes two human beings to undertake action that might cause pregnancy. When ‘abortion’ is illegal, it puts the responsibility, the pressure, and the forcing, to only one individual that is involved in the action. What about the other individual? Often, there is no judgment directed to the one particular individual, — but plenty on the other individual, that have to take all the burden, because it is in their bodies.

Eventually, abortion is a matter of choice, and for that reason, abortion should be legal — to give the individual the right to explore their choices. Whether ‘abortion’ is right or wrong is a debate for another time. What matters is that each individual should have the right to explore their choices. Their choices in the matter of ‘abortion’ should not be limited by a piece of legislation.

5 Books that Changed my Life as Millennials

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’

*Image source Pinterest*

People always say that the more books you read the more educated you become. I happen to believe that the statement is true. Despite this, I always find it difficult to make time to read books. It feels like there is always something else I need to do before opening a book and let alone finishing it. But 3 years ago, I started to fell in love with self-help book. For some reason, when I read self-help book, I can actually make time for it. This past 3 years I have read about 30 self-help books, and from there I’m going to share the top 5 books that changed my life as millennials.

Light is the New Black

‘Light is the New Black’ is the first self-help book that I read. I remember when I first read it 3 years ago, I was not in a very good place. I was confused with my life, and at that time, things that I thought would work out, didn’t work out the way I expected it. I felt like I was attached to many things that didn’t serve me. I was forcing myself too hard to do things that deep down I knew was not right. This book came to me at the right time, because basically that was what the book about. The book reminds me that I need to let go of ‘attachment’ and ‘surrender’ to the universe (or whatever things you believe in, like: the source/the god, etc). There are things beyond our control, that sometimes, we need to let go, especially things that no longer serve us. If things are meant to be, we do not need to force it. The book also reminds me what my ‘true call’ is, how to answer my calling and stop ignoring it. Because deep down, we all know what our calling is, we just tend to ignore it as so often, our calling seems impossible to reach. Light is the New Black reminds us that listening to our calling will lead us to our happiest life.

You are a Badass

The second book that changed my life is ‘You are a Badass’. If you haven’t read this book, you must read it now. This book is very convenience to carry around because of the size of the book, and that’s a massive plus point for me. But that’s not why this book changed my life. The writer, Jen Sincero, she is very empowering. When she puts things to word, things that I thought was complicated, become very simple. Again, I was not in the right place when I read this book. It was summer 2018, and I was not happy at all, to the point that summer feels like a depressing time. But this book in a way, managed to save my mindset. If ‘Light is the New Black’ helped me to let go of attachment and surrender, ‘You are a Badass’ reminds me that I can, and should, take control of my life.

The Power of Now

I remember I read this book when I first move to Newcastle 2 years ago. After getting through that ‘depressed’ summer time, I moved to Newcastle to start a new life. I was already in the right mindset but still healing. Again, this book came to me at the right time. From feeling depressed, I started to feel anxious because I was excited to start the new chapter and want everything to work out best. This book reminds me to focus on the present moment, because it’s all we have. Thinking too much about the future won’t do anything, because it has not happened yet. This book is good for an over-thinker, because it helps us to understand that there is nothing to worry about. The future has not happened yet, and the past has already happened — and there is nothing we can do about both situation. The only thing that we have control is the present moment, which is why the book is called ‘The Power of Now’. We will be surprised how our life will change when we started to live in the present moment.

Big Magic

‘Big Magic’ is a great book if you are looking for inspiration/a push to do something you are inspired to do, but too afraid to do. This book, again, is very empowering. I would say I like Elizabeth Gilbert, because of her ‘Eat Pray Love’, of course — who doesn’t? The way she writes is just very inspiring. I read ‘Big Magic’ when I was flying for 16 hours (I know right, very long flight). The book reminds me that we should not give up when we get rejections, because every successful human being have had rejections in their life. Let’s say we want to write, but we are too afraid to start because we do not want to get rejections, or let’s say we have written everything, and sent it to 100 publishers and get rejections over and over again. Then, we started to feel like a failure. ‘Big Magic’ reminds us that there is a power in what we create and what we aspire to be. Just because it has not reached what we dream of, does not mean that it won’t. Even though we get rejected 1000 times, there is still magic in what we create. And because of that, eventually, what we create will manifest itself beyond our imagination.

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck

Another book that changed my life is, of course, last but not least, ‘The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fck’ — this books is just brilliant. It sold out everywhere, and honestly I have not met anyone that have not heard the book, and when they say they have not read it, I always wonder, what are you waiting for? Ironically, I read this book in another long flight (yeah another 16 hours flight!). The book reminds us that sometimes, we think too much or care too much about things that have so little impact, or even not at all, in our life.

This is another great book for someone who tends to over-think things, because it teaches us to, just like the title, to not give a f*ck. There was one chapter on his book about death, the writer talks about his friend that suddenly died jumping out of a cliff (or a river I don’t really remember), but what I remember he says ‘… and then we all die’. This just stuck with my head over the years, because every time I started to think too much or worried what other things about me — it reminds me to stop worrying and just enjoy what we have because nothing last forever right? Honestly, this book makes me careless (in a good way), not caring about what other things and started to do whatever I like. It helps me to become my self and live my life to the fullest. I mean in the end, we all will die. So right now, might as well just enjoy what we have, stop worrying, and start living our life to the fullest.