Top 5 Fashion City

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”


New york
New York City. | Source: Google.


Fashion city is a home to many designers, stylists, bloggers, models, influencers, fashionista – and many others people that are in love and working in this industry. To some people, this city is a dream to start a career and working in fashion industry. Nowadays, there are so many cities that are considered as “Fashion City”. However, there are only few cities that are called the capitals of the fashion industry. Here is my top 5 list for fashion city from all around the world.


1. Paris


Paris. | Source: Google.

Paris is well known as the fashion capital of the world. When I was there, I understand why this city is the capital of fashion. Almost 98% of people in Paris have style – and they are not afraid to wear what they think is good – even for normal people it could be strange. Every day, people from different background have their own style – it is not just people that work in the fashion industry who have style, but also others that work in the office or even a teenager. In addition, Paris is full of luxury brands. It is the best city for shopping.


2. Milan


Milan. | Source: Google.

Milan is the second most famous city for fashion. Together with Paris, London and New York – Milan is considered as the global “Big Four” fashion capitals during the 20th Century. Milan is a little bit different with Paris. When I was in Milan, the atmosphere is not the same with Paris. Everyone is very stylish – same with the people in Paris – but their style is different. Milan is a city that totally focuses on fashion – while Paris still has activity rather than in fashion industry (May be it’s because Paris is a capital city, while in Italy the capital is Rome and not Milan). However, both Milan and Paris are full of luxury brands. The shops in Paris are bigger than in Milan – however, if I am being honest, I would personally prefer to shop in Milan, because the shops are very organized and well structured.


3. London


London. | Source: Google.

London is considered as the global fashion capitals as well as Paris and Milan. People in London always have their own style – but unlike in Paris and Milan that are very unique (even sometimes strange for normal people), the style of Londoner is more predictable. Nevertheless, London was the best fashion city in between 2011-2012 and London is a home to many fashion designers – such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Thomas Burberry, Paul Smith and much more. It could be argued that the style of Londoner is the most intelligent.


4. New York


New york
New York City. | Source: Google.

New York is another famous fashion capitals. I personally think that the style of people in New York is a mixture of people in Paris, Milan, and London. This city is the best fashion city in the United States – and nowadays, it has been argued as the best in the world (Paris as number two). This city has focused on growing their industry in fashion sector in the last couple of years. Not only for clothing, this city also has lots of famous interior designers. New York is a home for many fashion designers.


5. Tokyo


Tokyo. | Source: Google.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan – and this city (Since the 21st Century) has started to be considered as a fashion capital. The style of people in Tokyo is different with the others “Big Four”. This difference is what makes this city unique. Tokyo itself has become an inspiration for many fashion designer from all around the world.


“Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.”

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