How to Live your Life Like a Model

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”

Adriana lima
Adriana Lima. | Source: Google.

Model is normally associated as a figure that has a good body. It’s not a secret that many people want to be a model. However, being a model is not an easy job. It requires hard working, and definitely a passion. Thus, even though not everyone is a model, there are ways to live your life like a model. Living your life like a model will support your health and well being, both from the inside and outside.


No junk food
Assorted Junk Food
No Junk Food. | Source: Google.

The first thing you have to do is to cut junk food from your beverages list. Junk food is not healthy and contains very low nutrition for your body. In addition, junk food will not support your body to stay fit. Yes, some model does eat junk food – but they only eat once in a month or in two months. If this is the situation then it’s okay to consume junk food once in a while. But definitely, don’t eat junk food every day or even every week cause it’s not good for your health and won’t be supporting your body shape.


Natural Makeup
Cara delevigne - natural makeup
Cara Delevingne. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

Model off duty tends to wear natural makeup as their everyday makeup routine. Natural makeup means using makeup that’s necessary but not too much. This includes using, tint-moisturizer/BB cream/concealer, compact powder, natural eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil (if you need to shape your brows), last but not least, blush on (or use highlighters if you prefer to look more natural). I personally really like natural makeup, because it still looks natural and not too much for your face, but still using makeup. At the same time, it also moisturizes your face and you will look like someone that still cares about the appearance.


Exercise and work out
work out at home
Work out at home. | Source: Google.

Doing exercise or work out is necessary. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym every day. You could go to the gym once or twice a week. In addition, do exercise or work out could be anywhere, even you could do it in your home with fitness app or any other sources you prefer. I like to work out every morning 15 – 25 minutes each. It definitely gives me more energy to do my activity during the day and help my body to stay fit.


Have your own style
kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner. | Source: Google.

Model tends to have their own style that normally categorized as their icon. Having your own style will make you appear as someone that’s unique. Your style could be your platform on your everyday life. You could pick anything that’s your favorites. For example, if you like a dress, you could play your style with the dress, or if you like black and white, you could use those 2 colours for your everyday outfit. For me, I always wear a leather jacket. So the basis of my style is something related to the leather jacket.


Be confident
Girl Photography. | Source: Google – Tumblr.

Last but not least, is to be confident. Being confident is very important. Because you won’t look beautiful from the outside if from the inside you don’t feel it that way. If a model doesn’t feel confident, how could the photographer get a good picture of him/her? Confident is the key. You don’t have to think/feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world to be confident. To be confident is simply to realise that you are grateful for whatever you have. Yes, I’m not perfect, but nobody’s perfect. We all are unique in our own kind of way and there’s a beauty in our flaws. We only live once, so there is no point to waste our time with our insecurity ☺


“This is your moment. Own it”

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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