5 Reasons Why you Should Live Abroad

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”


5 reasons why you should live abroad
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Live abroad is something that might sound a bit scary. Living in a place where you have never been by yourself is very challenging. However, living abroad is very worth it. There are lots of benefits you could get by living abroad. Here is my top 5 list why I think people should live abroad at least once in their life.

Lots of experience
lots of experience
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People that live abroad will have lots of experience. The kind of experience that you will never get anywhere else. When you live in another country, you will have to try to adapt to a new place. This includes getting lost in an airport, trying to find a way back to your home, getting lost in the street, asking random people a direction, or even dealing with people that might not be convenient for you. In addition, you will also be able to speak another language. Even if you’re moving to a country that speaks the same language with you – the opportunity for you to learn a new language is still high. You will have a second language that suddenly will be your first language. Isn’t it cool how normal people only fluent in one language, but you could be fluent in two languages?


Be very independent
independent - favim.com
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When you live abroad, you will be very independent. It’s just in nature. No matter how independent you are, people that live abroad (especially by themselves) will be more independent. The reason is that the person has to deal with so many things by him/herself. There is no emergency call that they could call when they need help. Even if they have someone to call for help, they tend to deal with any issues/problems by themselves. Unless the situation is very complicated, then they will try to ask someone for help. But as long as they could solve it themselves, they won’t ask anyone help. In addition, people that live abroad tend to do things by themselves more often than people that live in their own country. They know that they live far from their home, so they know that the only feet they could rely on are their own feet.


You will learn to think from different perspectives
the way you think would ve different
Interactions. | Source: Google.

When you live abroad, the way you “think” would be very different. There are things that only people who live abroad will understand. You will be more aware of things while living abroad. Because you will never know when will trouble come and when it comes, you have to 100% be prepared because your home is far from where you live. You will also learn to think from two different perspectives. You will meet people from different background – that might think very different with you – and you have to deal with it. It sounds easy, but it’s actually not. By living abroad, you will slowly learn how to deal with people that have different views with you – and sometimes you will start to try to think from their perspectives. May be they think that way because they have never seen the world like you do? Or may be they think that way simply because of their environment? You will learn how to control yourself and try to think from a different perspective. When you finally able to do it, you will feel so great about yourself.


Meeting new people from different background
Study Abroad. | Source: Google – EF.

When you live abroad, you will meet people from different background. This is actually very interesting. You will learn so many new things. This includes learning new languages, new cultures or even trying new foods or beverages from another country. Related to what I have said earlier, you will also learn how to think from different perspectives. Isn’t it interesting when you are able to see how so many different people from so many different countries – think so differently based on where they come from? You could also learn new things from them. Based on my experience, some people like to show their culture – like the thing that they do back in their home countries and much more. You will also discuss global issues and get a chance to actually know whether the news that was written about a specific country is true or not. Having relations with people from different countries is very interesting and you will also learn so many new things from them. It’s a very good opportunity to meet people from different background, a lot of experience that people can’t really describe into words.


Finding a job in the future - will be easier
Job applicants having interview
Job Interview. | Source: Google – Livecareer.com

When you come to the work place, having a chance to live abroad will improve your CV. The company will understand that you have experienced something big and they will see how the way you think will be different. Your skills on being able to deal with different people will also apply when you are working. You will be more professional in dealing with issues in the work place – because you have reckoned a similar or even bigger situation before. Especially if you want to work in an international organisation or international company – living abroad will be very good for your career.


“And then I realized, adventures are the best way to learn.”


Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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