What to do Next (5 Steps on How to Study Abroad)


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Study Abroad. | Source: Google – EF.

If you have decided which country and university you want to study, now it’s time to take care of the documents you need. There are several things you have to do before you’re able to study abroad. Here are the five steps you have to prepare.


If you haven’t decided which university or which country you’re about to study, click How to Study Abroad to get more information.


Entry requirements


First of all, you have to see the entry requirements of the university you want to apply. For international students, normally each university from different countries will have different entry requirements. If you want to study in a country that has higher education than your home country, you have to pay attention because normally, they will expect you to have the same qualification with the locals. This is one of difficulty that people face. Some people are able to meet the qualification, but some don’t. However, if you can’t pass the entry requirements, usually they will give you another path (such as studying extra one year) – to catch up with the qualification the university needs.




Many countries normally expect you to have rather IELTS or TOEFL as an evidence that you can speak English, especially if you want to study in a country with English as the first language. There is an official institution in almost every country for taking IELTS and TOEFL, make sure you take it on the official institution so you will get the right certificate. In addition, don’t forget to check with the university you’re about to enter – whether they prefer IELTS or TOEFL. Some countries or universities accept both, but some countries only accept either one of both. If English is your first language then you don’t need to prepare for IELTS or TOEFL.


Waiting for the Acceptance Letter from the University


Once you meet the entry requirements and have passed the IELTS/TOEFL, you could send your full application to the university. After you did, you have to wait for the university to send you the acceptance letter. If you haven’t met the whole requirement, you could still send the application. However, you won’t get the acceptance letter directly, you will get the conditional offer letter. When you get this, you have to fulfill the entry requirements you missed. The university won’t give you the acceptance letter until you meet the whole entry requirements.


Bank Statement


The other things you have to prepare is a bank statement. You need to have a certain amount of money that cover the whole tuition fees as well as living cost in a country where you’re about to study for a year. This is necessary for visas application. Some countries might not require this, it depends on where you are and which country you choose. However, most countries will ask you to provide this statement. If you get a scholarship or sponsorship from institutions, you need to provide the official letter that stated the institution will sponsor and pay your school as well as living cost while you’re studying abroad.


Visa Application


If you have done all the things above, the last thing you have to do is to apply for a visa. Different countries have different requirements. Thus, you have to be careful and check for the right requirements you need. You have to prepare all the documents that are written in the requirement list. For people that study abroad, normally the visa that will be granted is student visa. Once you get your student visa, you’re allowed to move into the country according to the date written in the visa. Remember that your visa has an expired date, so make sure you check the date because you will need to leave the country after the expired date. However, don’t worry because normally the visa won’t expire until you finish your study.


If you haven't decided which university or which country you're about to study, click How to Study Abroad to get more information.


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Study Abroad. | Source: Google – EF.


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