5 Signs that It’s Time to Break-up

“The hottest love has the coldest end.”

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Did you remember that moment when you meet your significant other for the first time? Did you remember the moment when your feelings towards this person started to develop? That sparks were there and you definitely was so excited when you admit that you fancy each other. However, things get a long the way and suddenly, something just not feels right anymore. May be it’s the sign to end the relationship or may be it’s not. Here are the five signs that it’s time for a break-up.


You have thought about it
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When you have thought to break up with someone, it means something isn’t right. Whether there is a huge problem you face with your partner or may be simply because you get bored, once you thought about breaking up with someone, you have started to question the relationship. Any small mistake that your partner make, might seems big to you. Surprisingly, it only takes a couple of months for most people to break up with their partner after they thought about it. It’s just in nature.


You’re in love with the memories more than with the person
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You have started to remember all the sweet memories you had with your partner. You missed all those memories, but you don’t miss your partner. This showed that the memories are better than the appearance of your significant other. The question is, why? The answer could be variances depends on your relationship situation, may be because both of you are busy with others stuff, may be because the relationship is boring, may be because you have lots of arguments recently, or may be because of others reasons. Only you could analyze the situation and knows the answer.


You don’t make time with each other often
Busy times square. | Source: Google – Dennis Flood Photography.

Both of you have started to be very busy with your own stuff. You both were busy in the past, but you always made time to each other – so why know “busy” is an excuse to not seeing each other? There must be other reasons behind the word “busy”. If it happens once or twice it might be because you really are busy, but if it started to happens all the time, what is it then?


You focus more on yourself rather than your partner
Man photography. | Source: Google – AskMen.

You spend more time with yourself rather than your partner. You started to prefer going to the gym rather than seeing your partner. You have started to prefer eating dinner with you mates rather than your partner. Your career has started to be more important than your relationship. If you try to remember, when you were in love with your partner for the first time, all those stuff come to the second or third because your first priority is your partner. If it happens only for a short period of time then it’s normal, but if it keeps happening for a long time then it’s something that you have to figure it out.


The attraction isn’t there anymore
Break up. | Source: Google – Shutterstock.

The attraction that was there just isn’t there anymore. Suddenly the routine becomes predictable and you get surfeited. Seeing each other isn’t something that makes you feel excited. You could start to develop the feelings again, but if it doesn’t work then may be it just doesn’t work.


“No relationship is ever a waste of your time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.”


Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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