Star Signs that Most Likely to Cheat

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Astrology. | Source: Google.

From all 12 signs, this article is about to write the top 3 signs that most likely to cheat. YES, another signs also cheat – but based on some research, these 3 signs are on the top. They are 3 signs that arguably very independent, get bored very fast and very flirty. Therefore, it’s hard to keep this 3 signs on track because they tend to move from things to things. However, once they found “the one”, they love very deep until they realize something is not right in their relationship. Once they realize something is not right in their relationship, they tend to either having a mean breakup or even worst, cheat.


Gemini. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

It’s not a surprise that this star sign goes as number one. Gemini has two individuals inside one body – in another word, this person has two personalities. If not then, let’s just say Gemini is very moody. They could be very sweet one day and very cold the next day. Thus, you have to attract two people at once, because if you only get attention from one personality, the other might try to look for someone else. This star sign gets bored very fast and they tend to go with the flow. If they have problems, they will get over it and move on. This is people that could not be controlled, like their freedom very much and very chill. Because they have two individuals inside their body, their mind is hard to read. If they have a problem with their relationship, they’re not very much emotional about it, they will likely to just go with the flow – if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work, they know that they still have other options out there. It’s hard to get a Gemini on track because they could switch into two different persons at the time.


Sagittarius. | Source: Google –

Sagittarius is someone that loves adventures. Most of the times, people argue that Sagittarius can’t be trusted. May be it’s because Sagittarius can’t commit very easily. This is the people who love their independent life and like to take every opportunity they have, including in relationship. They won’t hesitated to cheat on you if they found someone that interest them. This is the people that don’t tend to cheat emotionally, but will most likely cheat by having a one night stand – that definitely more than just one. The worst part is, they are not afraid of being caught cheating because they know that if they cheat, there must be a good reason for their action. Sagittarius don’t like to face difficulty and they tend to take a shortcut whenever they face one. So if they have a problem with their partner, they tend to ignore it and go to the bar with their mates. Once they meet with alcohol, you don’t want to know what will happen.


Aries. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

Aries is another fire sign that gets bored very fast. These people love adventures, and not afraid of many things. They have a high level of curiosity and always want to try something new. They always go with the things that excite them. The problem is because they love so many things, they tend to jump from one into another. This personality applies the same to their relationship. They get bored very fast, so if their partner can’t excite them anymore, they tend to get bored and seek something else. Aries is someone that always improves themselves, they are always on the move and very much into their career. If their partner is lazy and doesn’t do many things to improve themselves – most likely Aries will leave them, because Aries is looking for someone that’s on the move. This star sign is emotional, but once they get over it, they totally get over it. They could ignore someone and pretend that this person doesn’t exist. Because they love adventures, they’re not afraid of finding someone new, their love story is pretty much an adventure for them. Moreover, Aries always wants attention, so if they couldn’t get it from their partner, they are most likely going to seek it from someone else.


Remember that not all people under this star signs are a cheater – and it doesn’t mean that people from the other signs are not a cheater. Star signs might be true but it’s not accurate. It depends on the person more than their signs. This article is just for fun!


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