5 Places Where you could Meet your Soulmate

“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? … “

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For once, let’s imagine that we all are in the movie. YES, in all of those love movie, where you could suddenly meet your prince charming in the coffee shop, or in the street, or in the museum or anywhere else that seems romantic and … let’s be honest girls, isn’t it what we want? We all are independent women that having our live settle in, good career and definitely in love with our life. We have so many girlfriends that support each other, GIRL POWER! Yeah, those influence is real. We don’t really seek for a relationship because we believe that love could happen anywhere and anytime, we don’t need to look for it. No, I’m not talking about that online dating application where you go on several dates and never see each other again. I’m talking about the situation where you read a novel in the beautiful Sunday afternoon inside a coffee shop with a jazz music – then all of sudden your prince charming sit not far away from you. And there is where all the imagination starts. But let me tell you the truth, this could be real. Here are the 5 places that could be a place where you meet your soulmate.


Coffee Shop
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YES YES, this is my favorite place! May be because I spend lots of time inside a coffee shop by my self – either doing my work or simply to read a novel. I do love the situation inside a coffee shop, where the play a classic or jazz music, or any music that sounds easy and very simple. It’s a place where I could relax and really enjoy my “Me time”. I’ve been doing this ever since I was 15. Five years move forward, not much changed, this is still my favorite place. The strange thing is, whenever I read a love novel or watch a love movie – they always make a scene inside a coffee shop. And surprisingly, some things happened to me in a coffee shop. That’s the moment when I realized that a movie is based on a novel and a novel is based on real life. I could be a writer one day and write a novel about a love story that I experienced my self. So may be that’s the situation for some of the author. May be that meeting in the coffee shop that’s written in the novel is based on true story. So yeah, you could meet your soulmate in a coffee shop, who knows?


In a Park
Girl photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

This is the second-best scenario. Imagine that you take your dog walking in a park. When you sit on a branch while reading your novel and watching your dog playing a long. All of sudden, the beautiful charming face sit next to you and say “Hey, is she your dog? I think she loves to play with my dog.” YES, your dog in love with his dog, which means you could be in love with the owner of that dog. Isn’t it like in the movie, where 2 dogs are in love with each other that makes the owner in love with each other. Remember guys, it’s not just in a movie, it could happen in real life.


The Museum
Girl photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

The museum is the best place to meet someone that has similar interest with you. People that go to the museum tend to be someone who loves art, history, and cultures. You could accidently smile at someone that one day would be your significant other.


Girl photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

This is something that traveler has experienced. Especially if you’re a solo traveler, you know exactly what I’m about to write. You could just be waiting for your flight, reading a book then all of sudden someone comes to you. Or you could just be waiting for your baggage and that beautiful charming face stands next to you, looking at you for a bit before he decides to talk to you. Love could be anywhere, even in a place you never thought you would find it there.


Source: Google – Shutterstock.

One day, you are walking by yourself to get some groceries, on your way back, you suddenly meet someone that his face seems familiar to you. He looks at you with a bit of confusion, then you both suddenly stop walking. “Hey, I think I know you.” And you’d be like “Oh yeah, I think we’ve met before, on James party right?” – and then it goes on. Who knows, may be in 7 years James will be the one who receives a wedding invitation from both of you – and he is definitely gonna be that special guest.


Don’t come to these places and expect you will find “the one”. Remember, that love comes anytime and anywhere, & it tends to be in the moment where you never expect it would be.
Good luck! xoxo



” … Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”


Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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