4 Famous British Prime Minister since 1945 you Should Know

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.”

– Margaret Thatcher –

British Parliament. | Source: Google – Fanpop.com.

Britain never faced threat for their freedom like others European countries. Since the end of the Second World War until now, Britain has a stable democratic ideology. However, there are still many issues that the country has faced, mainly from the economy side. Different prime minister from different parties have tried to deal with political and economic issues as well as to maintain Britain role in the international affairs. As the UK has a major role in the world politics, British prime minister play an important role in influencing international world order. Here is the list of the 4 most famous British prime minister since 1945 that you should know.


Winston Churchill
winston churchill - itv.com
Winston Churchill. | Source: Google – ITV.com.

Winston Churchill is the most famous British prime minister in this century. On the outbreak of Second World War, Churchill was appointed as the First Lord of the Admiralty. Britain was under Neville Chamberlain leadership when Second World War first started. However, Chamberlain resigned not long after that. He was then replaced by Churchill. Churchill is the leader of National Wartime Coalition for the British government during Second World War. Appointed on the May 1940, Winston Churchill has brought the UK out of Second World War. He has also played an important role to lead Europe to the victory that ended World War Two. The Victory of Europe or well known as VE day is the day that Europe celebrates every 8th of May – as it was the day when Nazi Germany’s gave an unconditional surrender to its armed forces. Churchill has brought the UK to survive during an incredibly hard time when Britain and its empire almost alone to stand in opposition to the Nazi’s. He was a prime minister from 1940 until 1945. Then he was appointed again on the 1951 General Elections and became the prime minister until 1955.


Clement Attlee
clement attlee - pinterest
Clement Attlee. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

From the opposition party of Winston Churchill, the UK has another great prime minister that brought the country out of Second World War. His name is Clement Attlee. During the Second World War, Attlee was the Deputy Prime Minister of the National Wartime Coalition under Churchill leadership. He then became the prime minister of the UK not long after the end of Second World War in 1945. Under his leadership, he has been through a difficult time by recovering the country after the Second World War. So far, Attlee is the longest-serving leader of the Labour Party.


Margaret Thatcher
margareth thathcer - the daily beast
Margaret Thatcher. | Source: Google – The Daily Beast.

If you are from the UK you probably already know who is Margaret Thatcher. Do not attack me yet, I’m just writing about 4 British Prime Minister people should know, NOT 4 Best British Prime Minister. If you are not from the UK you probably are confused at the moment. Let me explain briefly;

Margaret Thatcher is the British Prime Minister since 1979 until 1990. She is the first Woman British Prime Minister. Thatcher won 3 elections in a row and served as the longest British prime minister in this century. She has brought a policy called Thatcherism. Thatcher came to the office when Britain was in the worst of their economic condition. However, Thatcher brought the new economic policy to the government – that for some extent it was successful. BUT, there are so many British people mainly the working class that, arguably hate Thatcher. Her policies led to lots of unemployment, she also created a poll tax. The poll tax is a disaster, mainly to the working class and people that live in a small accommodation. During the last couple of years of her leadership, there was lots of riots and protest throughout Britain regarding this.

Thatcher was loved by so many people but also hated by so many people. There was a huge division in this country during her leadership.


Tony Blair
tony blair - ben norton
Tony Blair. | Source: Google – Ben Norton.

Tony Blair is another prime minister that won 3 elections in a row. He was a very charismatic leader that could encourage and convinced people. Blair was first elected in 1997, then in 2001 and the third in 2005. Like Clement Atlee, Blair is the opposition party of both Churchill and Thatcher. Blair is very famous in the lefties because he has clearly done the best he could to fulfill their vision. Blair has introduced the policy to increase the minimum wage, he also fought for immigration, and he has given equal opportunities to the women – under his government in 1997 there was 101 female Labour MPs were elected. Moreover, he has given more funds to the NHS (National Health Service) and created the Department for International Development. Under his leadership, he reduced lots of unemployment and inflation. Britain economy was in the best situation at that time. However, many people started to dislike Blair after the Iraq war. Some people believed that he was the caused of many deaths in the Iraq war.


“A man does what he must

in spite of personal consequences,

in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures,

and that is the basis of all

human morality.”


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