5 Non-Governmental Organisation you Should Know

“One day, I would like to turn on the news and hear, there’s peace on earth.”

ngo - pic query
Non-Governmental Organization.| Source: Google – PicQuery.

Non-Governmental Organisation was first written in the Article 71 of the UN Charter in 1945 – “It’s an organization that is independent and not built neither or based on the government”. Although to some extent – some might get funds from the government – NGOs actions are purely independent and do not get influenced by the government. NGOs mainly get their funds from charity, fundraising, and volunteers as well as donations. The main differences between the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Governmental Organisations (GOs) are that the GOs cooperate within the government scope while the NGOs is a private organisation.


Amnesty International
amnesty international - amnesty
Amnesty International. | Source: Google – Amnesty.

Amnesty International is a Non-Governmental Organisation that fights for human rights. Amnesty was first founded in London 1961. An English lawyer, Peter Benenson is the founder of the organisation. Amnesty has become one of the biggest international organisation. Its aim is to support human rights and people that their rights are taken away/threaten. The principle is to protect the people that are jailed for an unconditional reason. Amnesty symbol is a candle in the middle of barbed wire as an interpretation of a hope for the people that are jailed for becoming an activist. It’s a hope and a reminder for them that there are people outside there who cares about them, such as the Amnesty International and its members.


oxfam - greenwhich market
Oxfam. | Source: Google – Greenwich market.

Oxfam is a charitable organisation that its number one aim is to eradicate poverty. The organisation was first founded in 1942 in Oxford. The name itself is the shorter of Oxford Committee for Famine Relief. Oxfam has spread to all around the world and has branches in lots of countries. Oxfam has 4 main focuses. Firstly, economic justice – which focuses on improving countries that are based on agricultural sector (mostly developing countries). Secondly, is supporting essential services – which includes demanding government for providing essential needs such as water, education, and health. Thirdly, rights in crisis – which support the international humanitarian system. Last but not least, is gender justice – which supports women from all around the world to have the rights and equal opportunity, starting from getting the education until an equal position in the government.


Red Cross
red cross - wamc.org
Red Cross. | Source: Google – wamc.org.

The International Red Cross was first founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1863, through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier, and the others three Swiss men are the founder of the organisation. The idea of the organisation was first founded because of the lack of nursing care after the Battle of Solferino in 1859 that caused death to many people. Furthermore, Henry Dunant proposed the idea of healing the people that suffer after the war. He also argued that states should make an international agreement for the medical services after war – which alter become Geneva Convention that was adopted in 1864. Currently, red cross has 190 countries members that are members of the International Federation as well as the observers of the International Federation’s General Assembly.


Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK - Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK. | Source: Google – Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK is the world biggest independent cancer research charity that was formed on the 4th of February 2002. It was formed based on The Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) and The Cancer Research Campaign (CRC) that agreed to establish Cancer Research UK Compared to the others, this charity organisation is classified new. However, this organisation has raised lots of money through donations, event, retail, community fundraising and corporate partnerships. The money all goes to the funding for cancer research. Its number one aim is to beat cancer sooner than later.


Human Rights Watch
human rights watch - hrw
Human Rights Watch. | Source: Google – Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch is another non-governmental organisation that stands up for human rights. It was first established in 1978 by Robert L. Bernstein under the name of Helsinki Watch with the aim to observed the former Soviet Union’s compliance with the Helsinki Accords. Human Rights watch advocates fundamental human rights such as freedom of religion and freedom of the press. The organisation provides data every year to which country that is in danger of human rights abuse. HRW has also created the international norms of human rights on which was set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



“All mankind …

being all equal and independent,

no one ought to harm another in his life,



or possessions.”

– John Locke –

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