5 Reasons Why the Liberal World Order is in Danger

“We may be reaching the end of the liberal world order.”

– Anne Applebaum –

UN Geneva - European Council on Foreign Relations
UN Geneva. | Source: Google – European Council on Foreign Relations.

The liberal world order is an ideology that was made after the end of Second World War. The aim of it is to bring peace to the world. Liberal world order has become the main reason for the establishment of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, or even others regional organisations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The liberal world order has helped countries from around the world (that arguably – mainly the west) to collaborate and set into an agreement or rules that all nations must obey. For instance, the making of International law and the spread of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) norms. However, nowadays the liberal world order faces their biggest threat. It seems like the world is no longer moving in the liberal direction.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump. | Source: Google – Toronto Star.

The first sign could be seen from the new United States president. As we all know, the new president of the United States of America is not a fan of the liberal world order. Trump number one aim is to make America great again – which means the only thing trump care about is the United States and not the world neither or the liberal world order. This statement is supported by his actions to condemn Paris Agreement as well as others organisations treaty.


Brexit and the future of the EU
Institute of economic affairs
Brexit. | Source: Institute of Economic Affairs.

The European Union is the biggest regional organisation in the world – and now is facing treat to an end. After the UK decided to leave the organisation, many have started to questions the future of the EU. As well as the US, the UK seems only to want to focus on rebuilding the country rather than the world. In other words, anything that will be beneficial to the country will be done, even though it has to disadvantage another country. This assumption has created an indication that now sovereignty of each country is more important rather than the liberal world order.


North Korea
CNN News. | Source: Google – CNN.

With North Korea established their nuclear weapons. It has gotten attention from many world leaders. What Kim Jong-un wants is the real question. Whether he wants to strengthen the military power of North Korea to fight against the southern part of the country or to threaten Japan and the United States – it is definitely a threat to the liberal world order. The United Nations Security Council has held a meeting immediately after what happened. However, is it enough to give a sanction to the country? Will the country obey the law? It is definitely a big question mark.


Pray for Manchester. | Source: Google – Independent.co.uk.

Terrorism has become the main threat to the liberal world mainly for the past twenty years. It has caused fear to many citizens from all around the world. This has also created war to some countries. Moreover, this situation has also caused huge arguments and debates from different countries – on how to solve the issues. Indirectly it has accounted discordance in between countries from around the world – because in order to take actions and respond to terrorism, some countries have started not to obey the international law.


Russia and China
Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping
Russia and China. | Source: Google – US News & World Report.

The world will never be certain of what this 2 big countries aim to do. Both Russia and China have a similar ideology that doesn’t really fit with the West idea of democracy. This 2 superpowers have often blocked any action that the UN Security Council is about to make. The uncertainty of Russia and China national interest is a threat to the liberal world order.


Liberal world order is the only way to prevent world war 3. Therefore it’s very crucial to maintain the liberal world order we have.

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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