21 Things I Learnt in 21 years

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Lake District, England.

“Life is about growth”

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I’m turning 22 in the next few weeks, meaning that I only have a few weeks left before I officially departed from the 21th years old club (yeah I know I’m getting old!). Life has been great as always, mixture between ups and downs, bitter and sweet and the way I deal with it when I was a kid, teenager, pre-adult and now an official adult, is just completely different. I get through quite a few big change, in life as general and in my career also in my personal life. Basically there are many life lessons I have learnt. I feel like who I am now and who I was – is a completely different person. I become more mature, and better at dealing with my emotions. I think before I do something or before I say anything, which not always the case but knowing myself before, this is a big improvement. Long story short, there are few improvements I have made in myself, which I’m so proud of, and not just improvements, but more like life lessons, things that I wish I knew and I could tell my younger self, or things I’ve learnt from my mistakes, or views and perspectives that I wish I had or that I had and I wish I still have. For all that reasons, here is a ’21 things I learnt in 21 years’.

Image Source: Pinterest.
  1. What other people think, does not matter, what matters is, what you think you are.
  2. Dream big, as big as possible, all things that seem impossible to others is possible to you. You are so capable of doing all of those impossible things. Dream big, work hard, really hard, find a way and keep seeking for opportunities. Cause when you do, it will all be given to you.
  3. Trust the timing of your life. What you want might not happen now, but it is coming for you, in the right time.
  4. Speaking of time, wait until the right time to lose your V, and also educate yourself before you want it to happen or before it happens. Once taken, you can’t have it back, so be careful.
  5. Love, love, love yourself, more than anything else. Be your own best-friend, even it means you’re talking to yourself every night. Self love is key.
  6. Respect – yourself, family, partner, friends, and everyone around you.
  7. Always be kind, but also know your boundaries.
  8. There is no such a thing called ‘the one’. There are so many ‘the one’ in this world. Meaning that there is more than one person that could be your ‘the one’.
  9. Your first heart break is going to be very difficult to get through, but trust me, you will get through it and realise that it was a lesson you need to have for your future and better relationships. When you get older, you will look back and realise that it was not the kind of relationship you want to have.
  10. It’s better to be alone rather than having to be someone else to please people around you, either friends, family or relationships. Being yourself is the key to happiness, so don’t fake it, for anything else.
  11. Luck = opportunity + preparation. So always be prepared.
  12. Embrace your uniqueness.
  13. Bullying is not cool, don’t ever bully someone, and if you get bullied, know that your life is going to be so much better than those who bully you.
  14. There is no way out of anxiety, you have to get through it. Take a deep breathe, meditate and therapy.
  15. Think before you speak, talk, or do something and go to sleep before you try to solve any kind of problems/issues, your brain works better after you sleep on it.
  16. Balance emotions with mind or don’t let your emotions take over you. But at the same time, follow your intuitions.
  17. Forgiveness. Forgive everything and everyone, and as difficult as it is, try to let it go and forget it. And don’t forget to be grateful.
  18. Don’t give up. As one door closes, another opens. Resilience is key.
  19. The only thing that is constant in life is change. So embrace change, be open to it, and although it could be difficult sometimes, know that everything happens for a reason.
  20. Don’t expect and don’t force. Let things happen and evolve naturally, the way it supposed to be. Forcing something or expecting something are two things that will hurt you for literally no logical reasons. So let go of control, and let it be the way it is meant to be. Even if you can’t see it now, it all works out in your favour.
  21. Life is what happening now, when you’re busy making other plans. Stay tune in the now, take a deep breathe and enjoy the ride of life.

Image Source: Pinterest.

“When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random”

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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