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Richmond & Finch x ValentinaLauraRyca

Hey guys! I’m delighted to announced my new partnership with Richmond & Finch!

To all my followers, you can use my discount code ‘ValentinaLauraRyca20’ to get 20% discount off for an entire purchase! (code expired)

Richmond & Finch is a global premium lifestyle brand from Sweden that designs and produces contemporary mobile phone and travel accessories. Our unisex lifestyle brand creates unique designs which reflect current fashion trends. We offer a fresh and exciting new collection each season. The distinctive design of our products is trademarked, and we have been named “best selling fashion accessory” with sales of more than 1 million products in a year. Our accessories are available in over 50 countries around the world in partnership with some of the most renowned and innovative retailers.

Get yours now and don’t forget to use my code ‘ValentinaLauraRyca20’ to get 20% discount off! 👇🏻

Richmond & Finch x ValentinaLauraRyca @richmondfinch #richmondfinch#richmondfinchuk

About Richmond & Finch

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Richmond & Finch, or more fittingly our founders, took their first step in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014. The inspiration behind that first step was to create a brand whose name would reflect our design philosophy of fusing technology with fashion to create unique lifestyle accessories. This, we believed, would place us at the forefront of a nascent niche market. In our pursuit of this goal we have launched a line of mobile phone cases which brings something new, different and exciting to the marketplace. With a fresh collection each Season we have made a splash on the fashion scene as we strive to market our phone cases as a must have fashion accessory. We understand that success is based on doing something that has not been done before. Through entrepreneurship, innovation and sheer hard work we came up with a unique trademark design. Richmond & Finch’s phone cases stand out from the crowd with their distinctive wrap around metal border which spans across the case together with the metal ring around the camera. This is our invention, bred from our creative spirit and together with the original and contemporary color schemes and designs of our cases define our artistry. So the journey continues, what is our next step? To take our brand to new heights, to race ahead of the competition and to further hone our creative skills to develop even more unique and distinctive lifestyle accessories.”

Sources taken from Richmond & Finch official website

Richmond & Finch Official Website:

Instagram Post on Partnership:

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