Abortion: A Matter of Choice

“People choices in the matter of ‘abortion’ should not be limited by a piece of legislation”

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The debate whether or not ‘abortion’ should be legal has been in constant dispute since decades ago. Most right-wing people will argue that ‘abortion’ should be illegal — while most left-wing will argue that it should be legal. If you talk about the liberals, it always depends on whether the person is central to right or central to left. But the debate does not only come from political ideology, it also roots in religious beliefs — that so often is related to their political ideology.

The thing about abortion is that it should be a matter of choice.Whether or not it is right or wrong — that is a different argument. One could argue that abortion is wrong because some believe that a fetus is considered a human being, and therefore entitled to basic declaration of human rights — which is the right to live. While one argue that abortion is not wrong because it is the person right to do whatever they want to their bodies, or because the circumstances might threaten their life or well being. There are always two sides of a coin — meaning that if you want to, you can understand both side of the stories and where they are coming from. Maybe — just maybe — there is no right or wrong in the matter of abortion.

Whether or not it should be legal — well, if abortion is a matter of choice, then it should be legal. Why? Because it is a matter of choice. If abortion is illegal, how can it be a matter of choice? The person will be forced to make a decision that they do not want to take, — and this is very dangerous. When you forced someone to do something they do not want to, it never ends well. Not to mention, confusion and desperation, that often comes together with ‘abortion’. When someone is confused, desperate, and pressured, — adding ‘forced’ is not going to make the situation any better.

Some would argue, if you are not ready to be pregnant then do not undertake action that might cause one. This argument is ignorant because it is ignoring the fact that it takes two human beings to undertake action that might cause pregnancy. When ‘abortion’ is illegal, it puts the responsibility, the pressure, and the forcing, to only one individual that is involved in the action. What about the other individual? Often, there is no judgment directed to the one particular individual, — but plenty on the other individual, that have to take all the burden, because it is in their bodies.

Eventually, abortion is a matter of choice, and for that reason, abortion should be legal — to give the individual the right to explore their choices. Whether ‘abortion’ is right or wrong is a debate for another time. What matters is that each individual should have the right to explore their choices. Their choices in the matter of ‘abortion’ should not be limited by a piece of legislation.

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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