25 Lists of Books that will make you say, DAMN, I Love My Life!

If you click this post and choose to read it, you either desperate to love your life, or you already love your life but wants to love it even more. Either way, you want to love your life. I have always loved my life, but at some point in life, I was confused and did not have directions. My confusion lead to frustration which later lead to isolation. It was not until I read self-help books that my life started to change in the positive way.

Everything is in your mind, so when you have positive mindset, life is easier to get through. The first book that makes me say ‘Damn, I Love My Life!’, was ‘Light is the New Black’, then followed by ‘You are A Badass’, ‘Sacred Power’, ‘Big Magic’, ‘The Four Agreement’, and many more! I made some other posts summarizing the books, but on this posts I am going to share with you the 25 lists of books that will make you say, you love your life!

#1 Light is The New Black — by Rebecca Campbell

#2 The Four Agreement — by Don Miguel Ruiz

#3 You are A Badass — by Jen Sincero

#4 You do You — by Sarah Knight

#5 The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*uck — by Sarah Knight

#6 Get Your Sh*t Together — by Sarah Knight

#7 Calm the F**ck Down — by Sarah Knight

#8 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — by Mark Manson

#9 You are A Badass at Making Money — by Jen Sincero

#10 Big Magic — by Elizabeth Gilbert

#11 The Power of Now — by Eckhart Tolle

#12 Sacred Power: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation — by DadvidJi

#13 Oneness with All Life — by Eckhart Tolle

#14 A New Earth — by Eckhart Tolle

#15 Stillness Speak — by Eckhart Tolle

#16 Girl Boss — by Sophia Amoruso

#17 The Anxiety Solution — by Chloe Brotheridge

#18 F**k It: Do What You Love — by John Parkin

#19 The Happiness Code — by Domonique Bertolucci

#20 Good Vibes, Good Life — by Vex King

#21 Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life — by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia

#22 Happy: Finding Joy in Every Day and Letting Go of Perfect — by Fearne Cotton

#23 The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up — by Marie Kondo

#24 Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope — by Mark Manson

#25 Calm — by Michael Smith

“be in love with your life, every minute of it”

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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