4 Mental Habits of Solo Traveler

We all love traveling don’t we? But only a few of us actually travel, and only even smaller percentage of us can be called ‘traveler’. From this, only a very small percentage travel alone, and therefore called ‘solo traveler’. Solo traveler is a term that people use to describe someone who often travels or constantly on the move by him/herself.

Being a solo traveler come with ups and downs. For many people it seems like a terrifying idea, but for some, it appears to be an exciting thing to do! Traveling alone can open your mind to many different things, give you tons of experiences, and will shape your way of thinking, including your mental habits. On this post I am writing about four mental habits of solo traveler. If you’re a solo traveler, I’m sure at least one of these will resonate with you!

#1 Open to Change

As solo traveler, it’s just in their nature to be open to change. Moving from one country to another requires lots of flexibility, which eventually creates one mindset to be open to change. This change also comes from the fact as being ‘solo’, we are not tie down to commitments, which in the end, give us more flexibility and absolute influence in our decision making.

#2 10% depends on others, 90% depends on its own

Solo traveler is very independent, and again, it’s just in their nature. Many people are independent but the level of independent that solo traveler has is on another level. Despite of being independent, we are conscious that we still need to depend on others (let it be human beings or animals, or other things in general). But this percentage is very low, as I have said before, solo traveler has absolute influence in their decision making, meaning that most of the time (if not always the case), they only depend on themselves.

#3 Resilience

Another mental habit of solo traveler is resilience. By having absolute influence comes a price within. Being able to have total control over our time and decision is great, but the consequences of this is that when things go wrong, we are alone in facing it. Even though we can ask others for help, but most of it would be us on our own. With this, resilience comes into play. Solo traveler is though. and when things go wrong, they don’t give up easily. They fight for it until they find their way, because giving up is not an option.

#4 Aware of its surroundings

Last but not least is aware of its surroundings. Traveling alone means that we are responsible for our own safety. With this, solo traveler is always aware of its surroundings. Be it a place to stay, or a study space, or connecting to WI-FI, or visiting tourist spots. Solo traveler is always aware of its surroundings to ensure that bad things do not happen on their journey. This is because they know that they are responsible to their own self.

‘If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet’

Author: Valentina Laura

A dreamer & a lover.

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