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“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”

– The Notebook

5 Ways to Get your Crush Attention

Crushing on someone. | Source: Google.

So you’re moving to a new school/college/university, or you’re simply going to start a new academic year. You have a new class mate and you have a thing for this one specific person. You feel like you could get along with this person really well, and you feel curious about this person. It doesn’t take you that long to realize that you have a crush on this person. Thus …

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5 Signs It’s Time for Break-up

Break up. | Source: Google – Youtube – Coca Cola.

Did you remember that moment when you meet your significant other for the first time? Did you remember the moment when your feelings towards this person started to develop? That sparks were there and you definitely was so excited when you admit that you fancy each other. However, things get …

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How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

We Found Love – Rihanna ft Eminem. | Source: Google – Tumblr.

Having an abusive relationship is one of the worst nightmare people ever have. It’s definitely not healthy and constantly torturing you. The worst part is, you can’t even stop it. There is something that makes you still stay in the relationship. Whether it’s because you love the person too much, or you are afraid of leaving, or you simply don’t know what to do. Whatever the reason is, this situation …

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Star Signs that Most Likely to Cheat

Astrology. | Source: Google.

From all 12 signs, this article is about to write the top 3 signs that most likely to cheat. YES, another signs also cheat – but based on some research, these 3 signs are on the top. They are 3 signs that arguably very independent, get bored very fast and very flirty. Therefore, it’s hard to keep this 3 signs on track because they tend to move from things to things. However, …

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5 Places Where you could Meet your Soulmate

Relationship goals. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

For once, let’s imagine that we all are in the movie. YES, in all of those love movie, where you could suddenly meet your prince charming in the coffee shop, or in the street, or in the museum or anywhere else that seems romantic and … let’s be honest girls, isn’t it what we want? We all are independent women that having our live settle in, good career and definitely in love with our life. We have so many girlfriends that support each other, GIRL POWER! Yeah, those influence is real. We don’t really seek for a relationship because we believe that …

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