“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

4 Famous British Prime Minister since 1945

British Parliament. | Source: Google – Fanpop.com

The United Kingdom is well known as a country that always stable politically since 1945. Britain never faced threat for their freedom like the others European countries. Since the end of Second World War until now, Britain has a stable democratic ideology. However, there are …

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4 Reasons Why the UK wants to leave the EU

Brexit - nursebuddy.co
Brexit. | Source: Google – nursebuddy.co.

Brexit is a bad news to many people, but it’s also good news to some others. The result of the referendum that was held June last year has surprised many people. The people of the UK have decided to leave the European Union. But why? Many people have questioned this as many thoughts that the relations between the UK and Europe are good. But actually, it’s not so well. This article is not talking about the social relations, it’s talking from the political perspectives. Even since …

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5 Reasons Why Liberal World Order is in Danger

UN Geneva - European Council on Foreign Relations
UN Geneva. | Source: Google – European Council on Foreign Relations.

Liberal world order is an ideology that was made after the end of Second World War. The aim of it is to bring peace to the world. Liberal world order has become the main reason of an establishment of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, or even others regional organisation like North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The liberal world order has helped countries from around the world (that arguably – mainly the west) to collaborate and set into an agreement or rules that all nations must obey. Such as the making of International law until …

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5 Non-Governmental Organizations you Should Know

ngo - pic query
Non-Governmental Organization. | Source: Google – PicQuery.

Non-Governmental Organization was first written in the Article 71 of the UN Charter in 1945 – It’s an organization that is independent and not built neither or based on the government. Although to some extent – some might get funds from the government – NGOs actions are purely independent and don’t get influenced by the government. NGOs mainly get their funds from charity, fundraising, and volunteers as well as donations. The main differences between …

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The most Famous English Political Philosophers and their Theory of Human Nature

The renaissance-art-lead - Italymagazine.com
The Renaissance Art Work. | Source: Google – Italymagazine.com.

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are the two English Political Philosophers that famous for their theory in human nature as well as their political beliefs. Hobbes is a classical realism while Locke is a father of liberalism. Classical realism or realism, in general, is a political theory that believes human or state ( a state in politics means country) is or are selfish – to some extent that we need to survive and think for ourselves first because …

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