Is it too naive to be a dreamer?

“Anything is possible”

Is anything really possible?

The lost girl

I used to be such a dreamer. I believed in everything. Call it, magic, miracle, prince charming in a white horse, happily ever after, love at first sight, anything else you name it. All the positive things in life, I saw it, I believed in it, and for some reason I was convinced that I would be happy forever. I was literally a dreamer in every way. But then I grew up, become an adult, and all of the things I used to believe in just faded away.

I became this boring adult that I used to tell myself that I will never be. It feels like I’m trapped in this ‘adult’ life where I need to do certain things to fulfilled the definition of a responsible adult. Get a job, work, pay bills, pay rent, pay taxes, be responsible. In translation, you can read it as ‘don’t follow your dreams, it’s too risky, you’ll fail and end up wasting your time, and you can’t waste time because if you do, you can’t pay your bills or your taxes, and you’ll be perceived as an un-responsible adult’. Tragic right. I grew up looking at this adults and kept telling myself that I won’t be like them, & I ended up being just like them.

Not to mention that the happily ever after no longer exists. Or it never existed in the first place. I mean when I was a kid I love fairytales stories, I believed in it. But I guess that fairytales stories are missing lots of details. Such as, you can’t marry someone you just met, or your fairy god mother can’t save you in the middle of the night when you cry, or mouses don’t actually talk, or sleeping curse can’t be broken with a kiss, or magic carpet doesn’t really exists, we don’t even know if mermaid ever existed. See what I mean? All of it was just imaginations. A good one though. I remember how happy I was having all of that spirit. I remember how much I believed in it. I believed in the possibility of the impossible. & that of course lasts until I became this boring sad grumpy person that I don’t even recognise anymore.

The worst part is, I didn’t even realise that I have changed, completely change. My little me would be upset to see me right now. Not because I have a bad life, because I don’t. My life, in paper, is great. But on the inside, I’m not. I doubt myself a lot, I lost faith in myself, I don’t believe in the possibility of the impossible, worst of all, I don’t believe in myself anymore. I also lost faith in people, in life, in things. I became very unemotional. My logic came first in everything. It’s almost like I don’t have a heart anymore. I know it sounds very depressing but I’m not depressed (at least I don’t think I am). I just feel like I lost that little girl within me. That strong spirits I used to have. I was never afraid to take risks, I was always the first person to say ‘I can do it, and I will!’, I was always have faith in me, in people, in fairytales. It’s like I almost forgot how it feels like to be that girl, it feels like she has gone, for a very long time, and maybe forever.

Me the ordinary

Recently I’ve been thinking to myself, why do I became like this. Maybe I just grew up and believing in all those things I used to believe in is just too childish. But is it though? I still see many people living their dream life, people that believe in magic, in the possibility of the impossible. I see this people and I recognise them, of course I do, because it was me, it was me years ago, it was that lost girl I’ve been trying to find, that I don’t even know if I could ever find her again or not. Here is the thing, all of this people that I mentioned are living their dream life, they are not the people I see in everyday life. These are people I see online, through social media, tv, websites, etc. I see them and I think they’re living such an amazing life, they seem very happy, they know what they’re doing with their life, and they’re sure of their path of life. But I don’t see them in everyday life, so they seem very distant from me. It feels like there is a barricade in between ‘these people that living their amazing life’ and ‘me’. Me the ordinary.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m supposed to be an influencer. But how can I still be an influencer when I can’t even influence myself to believe in me? I started to be an influencer in a young age, when I still believed in all of this things. That lost girl was the influencer, not me, not the person that I am today. I’ve been avoiding my website, my blog, my social media, because I’m scared. I’m scared with the fact that I have changed to become the person that doesn’t fit with the definition of an influencer anymore. & that’s sad because I remember how much I was very passionate about it, how much lights I had within me, how much positivity I had, and how optimist I was. Now, I can’t even stop doubting myself.

It’s not like I’m very upset or anything like that cause I’m not. I’m actually good, and content with my life. But I guess that what makes me feel ordinary in a way that I don’t really feel like I’m living. I live a life but I don’t feel alive. & when I want to try to feel alive again, my ordinary me would remain me how dangerous it is to risks everything I have to only make me ‘feel alive’. It sounds weird saying it but I guess that’s the best way to explain it. It’s like I no longer take risks to feel alive, because, I guess because I don’t believe in it anymore, or because I’m scared to take the risks. The risks, the uncertainty, the possibility of facing unbearable pain, the waste of time, the waste of energy, the waste of money, the way I would be perceived in the society, and most of all, scared to fail, the fear of failure. All of these are the costs I need to pay in order to feel alive, and somehow, the ordinary me either can’t or don’t want to pay for it, I can’t really figure it out.

So, is it too naive to be a dreamer, to have faith, to believe in magic?

I really would like to say it is not too naive to be a dreamer, to have faith, or to believe in magic. & I guess it’s not about being too naive or not, because nothing is wrong with being too naive. I truly want to be that person again, the girl that believe in everything. & I’m saying this because I want everyone to believe in it. It’s the only way that you could truly thrive to be the best version of you, to be who you are, to be who you are meant to be. You would never find your life purpose if you’re not willing to take the risks, if you’re not willing to be naive and believe in magic, and not afraid or feel a shame to be a dreamer. It is our ego that often gets in a way of our happiness. Our ego that thinks we are too mature to be a dreamer, too proud to have faith, too arrogant to believe in magic. Our ego makes us think we can do everything by ourselves, and when things go wrong, our ego blames us, makes us feel trapped, and makes us believe that we are a failure, that we are not good enough, makes us doubt ourselves. & makes us too proud to ask for help, too proud to believe in the possibility of the impossible. Because our ego creates this pendulum in our head that we have to be this certain figure, that we have to impress the society by being the figure they would like us to be. & in many cases, this figure is very much in contradicted with who we truly are, with who we want to be, with our dreams. & we always listen to our ego because it’s safe, it’s easier, and it’s not difficult to stay with what already written. But it’s only by taking risks, challenging the status quo, doing the impossible, writing the unwritten path, that we can only truly live, that we can truly be the best version of ourselves, and that we can truly feel the happiest we could ever be. So it doesn’t matter whether it is too naive to be a dreamer or not, because the only thing that cares whether or not it’s naive is our ego, what matter is that only by being a dreamer that we could truly live our lives to the fullest.

But it’s only by taking risks, challenging the status quo, doing the impossible, writing the unwritten path, that we can only truly live, that we can only thrive to be the best version of ourselves

Little note you guys, I’m writing this on Friday night at 2.00 am in the morning so I apologies if some of the things I said doesn’t really make sense. Thank you for reading this blog post, for checking the website, & for being interested in this topic.

21 Things I Learnt in 21 years

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“Life is about growth”

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5 Things that People with Peptic Ulcer have to Avoid

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”


peptic ulcer
A woman feeling pain in her stomach. | Source: Google.

Peptic Ulcer is a sore that develops in the lining of the human stomach. It’s normally caused because of the high reproduction of stomach acid. It causes annihilation to the line of the stomach. This could be very dangerous if it happens often. The caused of peptic ulcer is mainly because of human lifestyle. If people tend to eat late and consume something that will trigger the reproduction of acid – it will cause a very painful stomach pain that feels like burning. In some condition, a peptic ulcer could be very dangerous and even life threatening. Therefore, it’s very important to take care of our ulcer by maintaining our lifestyle. Here is the list of 5 food that people with the peptic ulcer disease have to avoid.


  1. Caffeine (Coffee, Tea and Green Tea)

Caffeine. | Source: Google.

The first thing that we have to avoid is anything that contains caffeine. This includes, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chocolate, ice cream and green tea. Research has shown that caffeine is not good for people with peptic ulcer, mainly because caffeine stimulates the production of acid.


  1. Alcohol

Alcohol. | Source: Google.

Alcohol is definitely not good for your ulcer. Drinking alcohol could cause acid reflux. It will make our ulcer to produce more acid than usual. Thus, drinking alcohol could harm our ulcer.


  1. Milk

Milk. | Source: Google.

Surprisingly, milk is not friendly with a stomach ulcer. Milk contains ingredients that could cause the ulcer to produce for acid. In addition, milk also coats the stomach lining. It’s better not to consume milk while our ulcer condition is not in the best situation. Thus, you could replace milk with others similar drink that doesn’t contain milk. For me, I haven’t drink milk for the last 2 and a half year. I replace milk with “Almond drink”. It tastes similar and definitely good for people that allergic to milk or has to avoid milk.


  1. Dairy Foods

cheese, bread, milk and eggs
Dairy Foods. | Source: Google.

Not only milk, we also have to avoid dairy food. Dairy food is something that is produced from milk or any mammals. So anything that contains milk is not friendly enough for our ulcer. This includes milk, ice cream, cheese, butter, whey/milk powder, and much more.


  1. Pain killers – Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

Ibuprofen. | Source: Google.

Using too much pain killers could harm your ulcer. This includes aspirin and ibuprofen. Surprisingly, consuming Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) is very dangerous when you have peptic ulcer – it could threaten your life. Therefore, it’s best to avoid pain killers that contain NSAIDs. Taking other pain killers such as paracetamol is safer. However, don’t take too much pain killers because, in the end, it will harm your body.


“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

How to Live your Life Like a Model

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”

Adriana lima
Adriana Lima. | Source: Google.

Model is normally associated as a figure that has a good body. It’s not a secret that many people want to be a model. However, being a model is not an easy job. It requires hard working, and definitely a passion. Thus, even though not everyone is a model, there are ways to live your life like a model. Living your life like a model will support your health and well being, both from the inside and outside.


No junk food

Assorted Junk Food
No Junk Food. | Source: Google.

The first thing you have to do is to cut junk food from your beverages list. Junk food is not healthy and contains very low nutrition for your body. In addition, junk food will not support your body to stay fit. Yes, some model does eat junk food – but they only eat once in a month or in two months. If this is the situation then it’s okay to consume junk food once in a while. But definitely, don’t eat junk food every day or even every week cause it’s not good for your health and won’t be supporting your body shape.


Natural Makeup

Cara delevigne - natural makeup
Cara Delevingne. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

Model off duty tends to wear natural makeup as their everyday makeup routine. Natural makeup means using makeup that’s necessary but not too much. This includes using, tint-moisturizer/BB cream/concealer, compact powder, natural eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil (if you need to shape your brows), last but not least, blush on (or use highlighters if you prefer to look more natural). I personally really like natural makeup, because it still looks natural and not too much for your face, but still using makeup. At the same time, it also moisturizes your face and you will look like someone that still cares about the appearance.


Exercise and work out

work out at home
Work out at home. | Source: Google.

Doing exercise or work out is necessary. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym every day. You could go to the gym once or twice a week. In addition, do exercise or work out could be anywhere, even you could do it in your home with fitness app or any other sources you prefer. I like to work out every morning 15 – 25 minutes each. It definitely gives me more energy to do my activity during the day and help my body to stay fit.


Have your own style

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner. | Source: Google.

Model tends to have their own style that normally categorized as their icon. Having your own style will make you appear as someone that’s unique. Your style could be your platform on your everyday life. You could pick anything that’s your favorites. For example, if you like a dress, you could play your style with the dress, or if you like black and white, you could use those 2 colours for your everyday outfit. For me, I always wear a leather jacket. So the basis of my style is something related to the leather jacket.


Be confident

Girl Photography. | Source: Google – Tumblr.

Last but not least, is to be confident. Being confident is very important. Because you won’t look beautiful from the outside if from the inside you don’t feel it that way. If a model doesn’t feel confident, how could the photographer get a good picture of him/her? Confident is the key. You don’t have to think/feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world to be confident. To be confident is simply to realise that you are grateful for whatever you have. Yes, I’m not perfect, but nobody’s perfect. We all are unique in our own kind of way and there’s a beauty in our flaws. We only live once, so there is no point to waste our time with our insecurity ☺


“This is your moment. Own it”

5 Ways to Deal with Stress

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”

5 ways to deal with stress
Girl Photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

Nowadays, we live in a world that is full of expectation. Either from outside or inside ourselves – we have certain goals that we want to achieve. Let’s just be honest, no matter how positive we are, sometimes we feel under pressure and stress. Experience stress is a normal thing and it’s okay. However, it’s definitely not a good thing if someone feels stress for a long period of time. Dealing with stress could be hard sometimes, but if you think about it – it’s actually pretty simple. Here is my list of 5 ways to deal with stress.


1. Turn off the Internet / Put an airplane modes

airplane mode
Airplane Mode IPhone. | Source: Google.

It’s very good to get out of the internet for a while. Turn your phone into an airplane mode and take a deep breath. Based on my experience, this is the best way to deal with stress from work. Especially because I work in social media, sometimes it could be very stressful to be on the internet for 24 hours. When you get out of the internet, you could start to think more clearly and see the little things that you didn’t notice before. I personally always turn on the airplane modes before I go to bed because it’s time for me to relax and rest. I don’t want any interference from the outside world when I’m resting – as well as when I feel stress.


2. Drink herbal tea

Herbal tea
Herbal Tea. | Source: Google.

Drinking herbal tea is a very good option for you to do when you feel stress. Herbal tea, such as peppermint and chamomile tea is good for clearing your mind. Herbal tea has ingredients that caused relaxation of the human muscle. It also helps you to deal with insomnia. Therefore, you could rest properly.


3. Music – Spotify

Spotify. | Source: Google.

Listening to music while you feel stress is very helpful. For me, I love to use Spotify. Spotify has lots of playlists for you to play and you could adjust the playlist with your mood. As an example, whenever I feel stress, I like to turn on my Spotify with “Easy” playlist or “The Stress Buster” playlist. It really helps to relax my mind and forget the stress that I felt for a while.


4. Try to change the things you can change & it’s okay if you can’t

accept the things you can't change
Girl Photography. | Source: Google – Tumblr.

Try to solve the issues that caused you to stress. Find the roots of the problems and see what you could do to fix it. Change the things that you can change. However, don’t think too much about the things you can’t change. There are things in life that you can’t change and it’s okay. We just have to accept the fact that some things have to be the way it is. There must be a positive thing that you could see from it. Try to change the things you can change, accept the things you can’t change, and be grateful for what you have.


5. Take a break from your life

take a break from your life
Girl Photography. | Source: Google – Tumblr.

Having a vacation is a good thing while you feel stress. You could take a trip somewhere out of the country for a while. However, if it seems not convenient to do – you could take a small trip somewhere inside the country. Go to another city during the weekend. Feel a new atmosphere. Ask your friends or family that you trust to go with you. However, if they can’t, go by yourself. It’s a good thing sometimes to spend a few days only with yourself, so then you could think clearly and reflect yourself without interference from the outside.


“You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

5 Foods that are Good for your Skin

“Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.”


5 foods that are good for your skin
Girl photography. | Source: Google – Pinterest.

Taking care of our skin is one of the important things to do. To take care of our skin, first, we have to know what’s good and what’s bad for our skins. Here is my list of 5 foods that are good for our skin.


1. Lemon

Lemon. | Source: Google.

Lemon has natural ingredients that are good for your skin. This fruit contains lots of Vitamin C. Drinking lemon water will help to whiten your skin as well as cleaning blemish on your skin. It’s good especially for people that have a pimple because lemon could help to cover the blemishes and pimples. The best way to consume this fruit is to cut a piece of it, put it in the glass, add some hot water and drink it together with either ginger or honey. Drink this every morning and it will help to clean your skin naturally from the inside.


2. Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes
Sweet Potato. | Source: Google.

Surprisingly, sweet potato is good for your skin. Sweet potato contains betacarotene – that is good for your skin cell development as well as for maintaining your healthy skin tone. In addition, sweet potato also contains Vitamin C. As in lemon, Vitamin C helps to clean your skin and cover blemishes as well as pimples. Not only that, there are lots of benefits of Vitamin C, such as increasing your immune system. Thus, starting to consume sweet potato more often is not only good for your skin, but also for your health.


3. Avocado

Avocado. | Source: Google.

Avocado contains lots of natural ingredients that are good for your skin. One of the ingredients is Collagen – which is good to prevent your skin from premature aging. It’s also good to moisturize your skin because avocado contains lots of minerals. Avocado also contains Vitamin E that is good to maintain you skin growth. Moreover, avocado is often used for a face mask. The avocado face mask is very good to keep your face clean and it will enlighten your skin.


4. Mangosteen

Mangosteen. | Source: Google.

Mangosteen is an original fruit from Indonesia. This fruit has lots of benefits for our health, such as help to mediate and prevent cancer, prevent heart diseases, lowered diabetes, healing diarrhea and stomach ulcer, help to maintain period and boost the immune system. Meanwhile, the extract of Mangosteen skins is good for our skins. It contains antioxidant that maintain your skin health and help to moisturize skin from the inside. It helps your skin to stay young, look brighter and prevent dry skin.


5. Tomato

Tomato. | Source: Google.

Tomato contains lots of Vitamin C and Vitamin E – which are good for your skin. Tomato also contains natural ingredients that could eradicate bacteria on your skin. This will keep your skin healthy and prevent the appearance of any blemishes or pimples. In addition, a tomato is good for your skin protection especially if you live in a tropical country. The reason is that a tomato could protect your skin from the sun and prevent any damage from it such as having a dry skin.


“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

5 easy ways to lose weight
Girl photography. | Source: Google – Tumblr – Pinterest.

Nowadays, many people have started to go on diet and any other ways to lose weight. For many different reasons – from wanting to stay healthy and fit until to have a body like a supermodel – losing weight has started to become a lifestyle. Based on my experience, here are the 5 easy ways to lose weight.


  1. Healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast.jpg
Healthy breakfast. | Source: Google.

It’s crucial to pay attention to what kind of breakfasts are we having every morning. The reason is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t ever skip breakfast – not only because it’s not good for your health, but also because skipping breakfast will make you starve very quickly – this will cause you eat often and more. We also have to pay attention to what we eat for breakfast every day. Having a healthy breakfast will boost your immune system. It will also make your body consume fruits and veggies earlier in the day. Thus, this will prevent your body rejection with fruits and vegetables (especially for people that don’t like to eat healthy food). I personally like to have granola with berries and almond drink every morning.


  1. Avoid sugar and alcohol

avoid alcohol and sugar
Avoid alcohol. | Source: Google.

It’s compulsory to avoid sugar if you want to lose weight – because surprisingly sugar contains lots of calories. Some people argued that sugar is necessary for every day consuming – but it’s actually not. Sugar has no essential nutrients that our body needs. Thus, there is no main function to consume sugar – rather than for adding a sweet taste to your food. In addition, – surprisingly (again), alcohol also contain lots of calories. According to the National Health Service (NHS) UK – drinking a standard glass (175 ml) of 12% wine, contains 126 kcal, which means the same amount of calories with 1 Cadbury Chocolate Mini Roll (2016). This shows that even you are on diet, but still not avoiding alcohol – it won’t be useful because the calories inside alcohol are not less than the others.


  1. Green tea

green tea
Green Tea. | Source: Google.

Based on my personal experience, this is the best and fastest way to reduce weight. For 1 – 2 months, I drink green tea 2 times in a day. It helps my body to stay fit and reduce 3 kg (from 48 kg to 45 kg). It works very well for me. However, for some people – consuming too much green tea is not good for their health. Thus, it depends on our bodies – whether we have a specific health condition that is not friendly with green tea or not. If your health condition is okay with it – drinking green tea 1-2 times a day will help to reduce your weight and keep your body fit.


  1. Exercise and gym

Gym. | Source: Google.

This might sounds something like you have heard lots of times – but doing exercise is necessary for weight loss. Normally, people go to the gym for 3 – 4 times a week. However, if you are too busy with your activity and don’t have much time, you could exercise once or twice a week – one until two hours each – is enough. Making exercise as your routine will help to make your body stay fit. In addition, doing a routine exercise would help to maintain your health and could prevent lots of illness, such as cholesterol, heart attack, and cancer.


  1. Having a good sleeping pattern

Sleep. | Source: Google.

Last but not least, having enough sleep every day is necessary. The reason is that if people don’t get enough sleep, they won’t have enough energy to be able to do their activity to the fullest. Yes, there is a coffee or any others caffeine that helps people to stay awake – but it only could help for a short period of time. If people don’t get enough sleep, the majority of the time they will feel tired – this including tired while doing exercise. In addition, people tend to eat more when they don’t get enough sleep. Therefore, having enough sleep is crucial. However, having too much sleep every day is not good either. Your sleeping pattern has to be between 7 – 9 hours each night.


“The greatest wealth is health.”